Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Posting trucks hack

Leaving destination blank is keeping brokers from seeing your posted truck.

Agents often ask me why do drivers post to anywhere? The answer is because owner-operators can price any load no matter where it goes.

Brokers are never looking for trucks that will go anywhere they want to call on a truck that is posted going to the same destination as the load is going.

Example: I posted my truck Lexington with a destination blank, and then I posted Lexington to every zone on the map to cover all 48 states. Basically, the same thing but the way this appears to brokers is not the same.

Example: If a broker is looking to cover a load gong from Lexington to Nashville this is the only trucks the agent will see. 

Note: My truck posting with the destination blank did not show up when the agent was searching for trucks going to Nashville.    

This information was created from DAT load boards  

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