Thursday, March 9, 2017

From the broker

The broker says "DROPS at receiver take an estimated 4-6 hrs. And no detention is paid until after 24 hrs."

How does anyone come up with a rate on a load like this? I will give the first 2 hours for free because sometimes it just takes that long and I can suck that up no big deal, but I have to place a rate based on that maybe 24-hour deal. Unless you just don't value your time.

This is a very common language with Amazon loads so to credit to this broker at least this agent is forward about what you could be facing with this load. It used to be surprise surprise when you showed up at an Amazon and asked how long will this take to get offloaded with a smart ass answer of one to two days.   

Advice to other brokers: When giving out loads to carriers that you are unfamiliar with you need to know in detail the status of that truck and driver you will be getting. I can promise you that many drivers will state that estimate of 4 to 6 hours to get offloaded as gospel truth of when they will be empty.

Note: If you take an Amazon load from a broker you must know that you are now 100% on your own no matter what happens the only thing a broker can do is send an email and tell you to wait. They can not pick up the phone and talk to anyone about any problem you could ever have.     

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