Saturday, March 18, 2017

Easiest direct shippers

This is the easiest way to get your own customers without using a broker. This is how I got my first direct shipper that I am still using today. You can do this with any DAT load board including the cheapest truckersedge $35 subscription.

My experience with the shippers that I have found using this has been smaller shippers with rates not much better then what you will get from a broker. Two of the shippers that call me sometimes have smaller trucks and use me when they have bigger shipments, so not consistent. For the most part, it was very easy to get setup, no contract.

Open your load board then click on the DAT Directory

Step 2:
Click on research new business partners.

Step 3:
Company type select shipper and the state then hit search.

Step 4:
Choose the business that you would like to work with and give them a call.

77% of DAT's brokers post first or exclusively on DAT load boards.

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