Friday, April 28, 2017

Uber and Brokers

Finally, a broker that is keeping it simple and offering the service for FREE hats off to you the new broker on the block "Uber Freight".

1. ACH with no fee. This is a requirement like it should be. 

  • This means no more signing paper checks.
  • No more paying to cash checks.
  • No more going home to just check the mail for the check.
  • This broker will never give you the excuse that the check got lost in the mail. 
Keep reading it gets better.

2. Get paid in 7 days for free.

  • No need for factoring
  • No need for quick pay
Broker and agents if you fear Uber and what they can do to the market then start taking notes. All they have done here is make life easier to do business with. This is something all brokers can do and should do. 
If you are a broker, then be a broker and stop being a factoring service. 

I got to share my thoughts on what I would want in an Uber Freight market system when it was in the very beginning stages in San Fransico. I mentioned both of these great ideas that I am sure others as well did in my interview as being something that carriers would be very attracted to.

You can find Uber Freight listed on TruckersEdge or DAT with the name 4Front Logistics Inc

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  1. Looks like you can sign-up at their website