Saturday, January 7, 2017


Overused with little meaning "negotiating should be a win-win outcome." Isn't all agreed upon loads a win-win?

Have you ever done a load for someone and be told we are never using you again because you took all of our money or are you the Superman that saved the day?

Amazon has 95 books that have the word win-win in the title. For 40 years people has been using the word win-win. Webster says the Definition of win–win: advantageous or satisfactory to all parties involved. Win-win is most often referred to working with brokers as to creating a relationship with the other party

I will work with all brokers even the worst agent you can think of I will go perform any task agreed upon to the best of my ability. That's also the same as saying I will almost do anything for the right amount of money. 

Maybe I am not interested in creating a relationship. Maybe the broker's perceived reputation only value is how much money is being offered to deal with the unknown problems that could come my way.

"Rate my freight brokers."
You know who they are. These are the folks that are just looking for the cheapest truck. The auctioneer phone ninja. It's possible to do a win-win with these people, but relationships mean very little with these agents based on my experience.

Then we have "MY BROKER."
My broker is an agent that I claim as mine. My broker in most cases knows what my rate is and when they don't they ask me for my rate. If extra work or loads are requested by the shipper, then I know MY BROKER will take care of all this with one phone call. I have My Broker's home phone cell phone. Sometimes my broker sends me a text asking if I will cover runs that I like to do. My broker understands that I am in charge and I got us both covered.  

Win-win slogans and master negotiating skills are not needed for the relationship I have with my broker. This person is an extension of my company where we both make significant money.

What kind of broker do you like to work for? What broker makes the most money? What kind of broker are you? 


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