Friday, July 7, 2017

How to lower your factor fee

The easiest way to lower the amount you pay for factoring is to not factor all your loads. No one has an operating cost of 100% so why factor all your loads. Many factoring companies require you to factor all and most require a minimum. This does not happen at operated by Triumph Business Capital. No minimum and No change in fee this is why Triumph is my pick for being the best for owner operators.   

load pay Factor 3.5rate
Monday $1,000 yes $35 3.5% rate of $5000
Tuesday  $1,000 yes $35
Wednesday $1,000 yes $35
Thursday $1,000 yes $35
Friday $1,000 yes $35
$5,000 $175
load pay Factor 3.5%rate 2.1% rate of $5000
Monday $1,000 yes $35
Tuesday  $1,000 no $0
Wednesday $1,000 yes $35
Thursday $1,000 no $0
Friday $1,000 yes $35
$5,000 $105
load pay Factor 3.5%rate
Monday $1,000 no $0 1.4% rate of $5000
Tuesday  $1,000 yes $35
Wednesday $1,000 no $0
Thursday $1,000 yes $35
Friday $1,000 no $0
$5,000 $70

3.5% is an example number only that owner operators are mostly quoted by factoring companies and broker quick pay. You can get less than this with Triumph and other factoring companies with more trucks you have or a longer agreed contract. Go to fill out the form and you will get a call from my rep Mac Green or call 877-721-7630 and let them know you want RPM quick pay. 

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