Thursday, April 20, 2017

What happened here

1. This is what self-driving trucks will soon look like.

2. Maybe autonomous trucks would know to stop.

3. Texting and not a care in the world.

4. Why stop recording?

5. Make sure the CDL driver takes a drug test for everything.

6. Road rage with a truck and the truck is winning.

This is how another truck driver would see this

1. The truck is pulling doubles, and the last trailer maybe fishtailed and hooked the car. 

2. The truck and car are in a curve climbing a hill so he can't see that side at the end of the trailer. 

3. The truck is pulling 80k+ up a mountain with a 3000-pound car on wheels is not going to bog down these motors. 

4. This is why OOIDA never wins cases for owner operators.

5. Why are so many 4 wheelers passing like nothing is going on?


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